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Symposium Agenda

The EighthTriennial International Symposium on Animal Mortality Management will be held June 23 - 26 in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. If you would like to be on the new updates email notification list, contact us here.

Information from the 7th International Symposium is shown here and below. Once the presentations and presentation schedule have been developed for the 8th Symposium, it will be shown here.

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June 28, 2022 Presentations

African Swine Fever: Preparedness, Depopulation, and Disposal - Dr. Jack Shere AVMA Policy on Disposal of Animal Carcasess - Dr. Warren Hess and Dr. Mike Murphy An Overview of Above Ground Burial - Bobby Clark Results from Oklahoma Shallow Burial with Carbon Study - Jeremy Seiger North Carolina LPAI 2022 Response: Disposal Operations and Lessons Learned - Joe Hudyncia Cattle Mortality Composting and Leachate Quality - Dr. Mahmoud Sharara Above Ground Burial to Manage African Swine Fever Infected Swine - Gary Flory and Mark Hutchinson Compost to Manage African Swine Fever Infected Swine - Mark Hutchinson Grinding Animal Carcasses to Facilitate Disposal - Gary Flory Mortality Composting of 2022 HPAI Infected Broilers, Turkeys, and Pullets: Successes and Challenges - Josh Payne Understanding Ground Poultry Mortality Composting - Paige Doklovic Use of Nitrogen Foam for Swine Depopulation - Lucia Hunt AVMA Humane Endings: An Update - Dr. Cia Johnson In-barn Heat Treatment of Pig Carcasses Experience - Dr. Brett Ramirez Indoor Air Quality and People in Agriculture - Dr. Lucas Pantaleon Impact of Stockpiling on Nitrogen Value of Swine Mortality Compost for Wheat and Corn Production - Dr. Stephanie Kulesza Routine versus Catastrophic Composting Management - Keith Warren Challenges Faced While Responding to Avian Influenza Outbreak in North Carolina the Spring of 2020 - Taylor Long Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for Mass Mortality Composting in Australia - Dr. Kevin Wilkinson Update on the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine's Efforts to Prevent Pentobarbital Drug Residues from Entering the Food Supply - Dr. Neal Bataller

June 29, 2022 Presentations

APHIS' Farm Bill (NADPRP) - Projects to Enhance Depopulation and Carcass Disposal Capabilities for Animal Diseae Emergency Response - Julie Walling, Melinda Bone, and Rob Miknis Using Composting as a Tool to Manage Per- and Polyfluorinated Substances (PFAS) Contamination in Livestock Mortalities - Mark King Soil Quality Under Catastrophic Mortality Compost Windrows - Jean Bonhotal Swine Carcass Characterization Under Desiccation - Dr. Brett Ramirez Equine Mortality Testing in the Upper Midwest - Hannah Lochner Epidemiology and How it Relates to Disposal - Dr. Doris Olander Building Capacity of Livestock Compost Subject Matter Experts - Ken Powell and Dr. Sara McReynolds Biosecurity Testing of Horizontal Grinders - Paul Lemieux International Panel - Dr. Kevin Wilkinson, Dr. Dejelia Gomez, Sonya Piercey, Dr. Mohamed Naceur Baccar, Van Doan, Dr. Kirsty Richards, and Julian Sparrey

June 30, 2022 Presentations

2022 Symposium Emergency Exercise - moderated by Zoe McManama Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Response Hotwash - moderated by Michael Mayes and Rob Miknis

Symposium Poster Presentations

Composting Deactivation of Chronic Wasting Disease Prions - Alex Thomas and Rob Michitsch Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Low Cost Portable Vehicle Decontamination System for Cases of Disease Outbreak - Ava Grace Flory Disposal in the Face of a Novel Virus: SARS-CoV-2 in Mink - Rebecca Podgorksi Pennsylvania Swine Barn Changing from Burial to Compost Barn - J. Craig Williams Reducing Wasted Meat in Dornod Mongolia - Jean Bonhotal Impacts of Foam on Whole Swine Carcass Composting - Paige Doklovic Immersive Animal Mortality Management Classes Powered by Virtual Reality (VR) Field - Tour-Zong Liu and Xiao Wang Operational Costs in a Carcass Disposal Event Marissa Cereceres

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