All times listed are in the Eastern Time Zone


7:00 AM          Registration and Exhibitor Showcase Open          Lobby Area 




8:00 AM          Welcome and Opening Remarks                           General Session - Room 302


8:30 AM          Keynote Speaker                                                   Dr. Jack Shere


9:15 AM          AVMA Policy on Disposal of Animal Carcasses    Dr. Warren Hess, Dr. Mike Murphy 


10:00 AM        Break and Exhibitor Showcase                             Lobby Area 


10:30 AM        Technical Presentations Session One                  General Session - Room 302

  • An Overview of Above Ground Burial - Bobby Clark

  • Results from Oklahoma Shallow Burial with Carbon Study - Jeremy Seiger 

  • North Carolina LPAI 2020 Response: Disposal Operations and Lessons Learned - Joe Hudyncia 

  • Cattle Mortality Composting and Leachate Quality-Dr. Mahmoud Sharara

10:30 AM        Technical Presentations Session Two                   Breakout Session - Room 301

  • Above Ground Burial to manage ASF infected swine-Gary Flory, Mark Hutchinson

  • Compost to Manage ASF Infected Swine - Mark Hutchinson

  • Grinding Animal Carcasses to Facilitate Disposal - Gary Flory

  • HPAI-Josh Payne


12:30 PM        Lunch and Exhibitor Showcase  


1:30 PM          Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for Mass           General Session - Room 302

                       Mortality Composting in Australia - Dr. Kevin Wilkinson

2:00 PM         Update on the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine’s efforts to prevent pentobarbital drug

                       resides from entering food supply-Dr. Emily Cornwell

2:30 PM         Q&A for Plenary-Dr. Emily Cornwell

2:40 PM         Break and Exhibitors Showcase                            Lobby Area


3:00 PM          Technical Presentations Session Three                General Session - Room 302 

  • Understanding Ground Poultry Mortality Composting - Paige Doklovic

  • Use of Nitrogen Foam for Swine Depopulation - Lucia Hunt 

  • AVMA Humane Endings: An Update - Dr. Cia Johnson

  • In-barn Heat Treatment of Pig Carcasses Experience - Dr. Brett Ramirez


3:10 PM          Technical Presentations Session Four                  Breakout Session - Room 301

  • Indoor Air Quality and People in Agriculture - Dr. Lucas Pantaleon

  • Impact of stockpiling on nitrogen value of swine mortality compost for wheat and corn production-Dr. Stephanie Kulesza

  • Routine vs. Catastrophic Composting Management - Keith Warren

  • Challenges Faced While Responding to Avian Influenza Outbreak in North Carolina the spring of 2020 - Taylor Long


5:15 PM          Poster Presentations and Exhibitor Showcase      Lobby Area


7:00 PM          Free Evening